UAA Plasma Lab

The UAA Plasma Physics Laboratory is pursuing multi-disciplinary research on the plasma state of matter. This includes experimental and computational studies of fundamental plasma phenomena as well as plasma applications and technology.

The Plasma Lab group currently includes student researchers who study physics, mathematics, engineering, biology, and computer science. If you are interested in our research, or might want to join our group, we'd love to hear from you!


Our Team

Dr. Nathaniel Hicks
Assoc. Prof. of Physics

Hunter Barndt
Physics / Computer Science

Thomas Bernhardt
Electrical Engineering

Zoey Bigelow
Electrical Engineering

Chae' Colbert
Natural Sciences

Brenna Gessner
West Anchorage High School

Matthew Isada
Biological Sciences

Carson Kline
Mechanical Engineering

Kyle Lacy
Electrical Engineering

Xu Murphy
Mechanical Engineering

Katherine Sakeagak
Civil Engineering

Max Zaki
Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

UAA Plasma Lab Alumni

Amanda Bowman
B.S. 2017 Mechanical Engineering
now: Harris Corporation

Hannah Crayton
Computer Systems Engineering

Katarina Godden
B.S. 2018 Electrical Engineering
now: IT Data Engineer, GCI

Isaac Hamlin
Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Lee

Devan Massin
B.S. 2019 Electrical Engineering
now: Graduate program, Columbia University Applied Physics

Henrique Miller
Electrical Engineering & Mathematics

Monique Mojica
Mechanical Engineering

Patrick O’Neill
Mechanical Engineering

Peter Renner
B.S. 2018 Mechanical Engineering
now: Ph.D. program, Texas A&M University Mechanical Engineering

Roman Romanovski
B.S. 2018 Electrical Engineering
now: GCI

Sara Rutz
B.S. 2019 Natural Sciences
now: WWAMI Medical School

Ian Schacht
B.S. 2018 Electrical Engineering

Brendan Stassel
B.S. 2018 Computer Systems Eng.
now: Ph.D. program, U. Michigan Center for Ultrafast Optical Science

Isaac Yep
B.S. 2018 Mechanical Engineering
now: Portland St. Univ.